Dec 22, 2013

It's the December of 2013 You All

I don’t know what is happening to me. I mean, i cant sleep last night, and i my brain goes like ‘I wanna be creative tonight!’ o.m.g. And then i’ve got too many things going on my head. If my place got an easy access to internet, i would have updated my Facebook status, or even my blog. Yeah, that active. Well, it can be considered as ‘active’ enough. LOL.

So the year of 2014 is just around the corner, when is it? Yes, next week! So my first and new resolution would be 5.57 x 2.92 inch. LOL. I don’t always have new resolutions in New Year you know. Because why, i don’t even know.  When i’m determined to do something, i would just do it anyway. It doesn’t matter what is the time, right?
But seriously, there is one thing that i should do though. So...

Dear future Lin Meli,

Could you please hold up your shopaholic sickness on books (I don’t even know if the term is correct.Ha.Ha)? Maybe you could buy 3 books per month? Isnt that enough already? Yes, enough.

Also, could you please jot down every single item you bought? So that you can trace back where the heck has your money gone to?

And remember to save the exact amount of money that we’ve agreed to. Yes, that’s it.

And please lose some weight too. T_T”


Lin Meli dated December 2013.

Well, it’s more than one thing. Nevermind, good luck with that.

So, now it’s the morning, and my brain turns out to be not-so-bright as last night. LOL.
So (again) 2013 is that weird year where i’ve got married, i’ve lost my first baby,  my husband got appendices & meckel diverticulum in his stomach where he did the surgery, my mother got warded due to hypoglycaemia, my salary was increased, my husband works in the same place as i am, we got to see each other everyday which we never had the chance before, my most favourite phone went missing, people went from ‘When are you going to get married’ to ‘when will you be pregnant?’, Harry Potter movies reach its end and... oh i cant remember all. 

I will be home by first of January 2014. Oh my, i miss my family and that home in Gombak. 

Lin Meli

Nov 1, 2013

How I Met Your Father (Part 2)


Your expectation is correct. This post is gonna be the same like the one i posted before. Hehehe. But wait. This time the pictures took place in a place where i grow up. Yes, indeed, in Gombak. Kindly enjoice, my kids.

there are so much more pictures but as lazy as your mother has always been, the pictures shared are only these. LOL.

You know what, ive never experienced something so stressful yet exciting like planning my own wedding. Ive kept it simple since im that person who always been lazy, so lazy that sometimes i don't wanna think too much on something. Hahaha.

Ok done.

Im tired.

The Mother.

Oct 25, 2013

How I Met Your Father (Part 1)


This is not exactly the story of how i met your father. I've just put it as the title so i could grab your attention and force you into looking at your parents wedding day. LOL. So in the Chinese New Year of 2013 (Gosh time flies so fast that i feel old already), exactly on 10th February, my life has upgraded from only a daughter of your grandfather to a wife of your father. Err, got it? One level up!

The wedding took place in Dungun, Terengganu. Yes, it is where your father has grown up and became the man i love. Oh puitis sangat. ^^

Ok, so just take a look and be amaze at how young we were in 2013.


Remember how much i enjoyed being at the beach? I was soooo in love with the sea since i was young. Having the chance of getting married in front of the sea is kinda having a dream comes true. Now what am i saying here. LOL.

Ok, then, see you (in my post) next time. It will be another wedding (it involves the same person okay) then in Gombak for you kids to enjoy. You know, in case my wedding albums are gone, or may be the softcopy of these and those pictures are corrupted. Ngehehe.

The Mother.


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