Oct 25, 2013

How I Met Your Father (Part 1)


This is not exactly the story of how i met your father. I've just put it as the title so i could grab your attention and force you into looking at your parents wedding day. LOL. So in the Chinese New Year of 2013 (Gosh time flies so fast that i feel old already), exactly on 10th February, my life has upgraded from only a daughter of your grandfather to a wife of your father. Err, got it? One level up!

The wedding took place in Dungun, Terengganu. Yes, it is where your father has grown up and became the man i love. Oh puitis sangat. ^^

Ok, so just take a look and be amaze at how young we were in 2013.


Remember how much i enjoyed being at the beach? I was soooo in love with the sea since i was young. Having the chance of getting married in front of the sea is kinda having a dream comes true. Now what am i saying here. LOL.

Ok, then, see you (in my post) next time. It will be another wedding (it involves the same person okay) then in Gombak for you kids to enjoy. You know, in case my wedding albums are gone, or may be the softcopy of these and those pictures are corrupted. Ngehehe.

The Mother.


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