Guess What?

Oh my oh my. Guess what?? I'm pregnant! Hihihi. Instead of shouting out loud on Facebook, why don't we just get low and put it right here? Hehehe.

See, samar-samar. My first thought was 'Did I already lost my child..again?' So I took a picture, showed it to my husband and he just couldn't believe his eyes! Well he was confused at first, what with that blurred line. So ive just told him that there is a baby inside of me even though the line was not that clear.

So we went to see a doctor, as for a legal confirmation and for the acid folic which I need for my baby. The doctor checked and confirmed that I was pregnant for 5 weeks and that the blurred line showed that it is still in the early stage of pregnancy.

What else would I say other than Alhamdulillah with this rezki. This is considered as my second child and I would try my best to keep him healthy...and alive.

Lin Meli


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